The smart Energy Community !

Sunleavs Is an affordable electricity consumption IoT sensor associated with a social network ! A gateway between the electricity network and Internet that enables the emergence of Renewable Energy Communities.


Connected to any electric board, our sensor allows groups of users to share in real-time a solar energy production. We offer a new decentralized energy model by enabling the monitoring and management of collective solar energy self-consumption.


“clean, local energy, without constraints and without intermediaries ! "


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Internet of things

Connected sensor (IoT) enabling the acquisition of real-time consumption data at lower cost

Dashboard user

Machine learning

Solution backed by a social network to create links and coordinate future energy communities

Diverse People Party Togetherness Friendship Concept

Solar Social Club

Solution backed by a social network to link users and manage futur energy communities.

The team

We believe in the decentralization of energy models worldwide ...

After 20 years in renewable energies and facilities management, I imagined and developed the Sunleavs solution to disrupt today's energy models by creating a virtual gateway between social networks and renewable energies.



After 30 years in the management consulting and Digital Marketing industries, I decided to dedicate myself to accelerating the energy transition. That’s why I’ve decided to develop the Solar Energy As-a-Service business model.

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